Case Study: Commercial & Corporate Attorney Seeking Flexible Lifestyle

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The Candidate

  • Former law firm partner
  • Expertise: Corporate Transactional & Commercial Real Estate Law, with niche specialty in medical and hospital law
  • Barred in North Carolina
  • The Situation

    The applicant had been a partner at medium and large law firms early in her career. She felt a great deal of stress and responsibility in that role. As her lifestyle changed—she moved several times and started a family—she wanted more flexibility and control over her time and stress levels. She wanted to continue doing the work she loved but on terms that worked for her and her family.

    Enter MLA’s Hire an Esquire

    The applicant created a profile on the Hire an Esquire platform and immediately found the experience convenient and intuitive. Having one central database with resumes, past employment, interviews and applications right at her fingertips was very useful for her and her job search. She also appreciated the responsiveness and helpfulness of the support staff, especially since she was working on her own now without the backing of a team. According to the applicant, “It’s very convenient. Everything is all in one place. When you do get offers from different firms, they have all your info there, and they easily forward it and take care of it for you.”

    The Results

    The attorney has engaged two in-house departments for niche ad-hoc work over the past three years. Most recently, she took on a remote six-month contract role with a small medical device and healthcare company. She was able to support the existing team of five attorneys, taking on contract review, drafting and negotiations. She also assisted with corporate governance issues, including auditing, drafting and counseling on basic corporate/tax structuring issues and corporate governance agreements. She continues to come back to Hire an Esquire for new opportunities because she loves the simplicity of having all her freelance roles under one tax form at the end of each year and the ease of using the same platform.

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