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Why Use Hire an Esquire to Find Jobs?

  • Instantly Recommended
  • One Profile, Unlimited Applications
  • Empowered and Knowledgeable
Why Use Hire an Esquire to Find Jobs

Instantly Recommended

You are automatically (but anonymously) recommended to the job poster when your expertise is a match for the role.

One Profile, Unlimited Applications

We use your profile data to pre-fill your applications—that way you can quickly update any changes and spend your time on the part that matters: connecting with job posters.

Empowered & Knowledgeable

We empower you to negotiate for a competitive hourly rate by providing you with market data based on your specific skills and experience. Update your profile regularly to refresh your hourly rate!


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of HAE Legal Professionals are hired back for multiple projects for the same org

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How It Works


When you apply for an account, you’ll be asked for information including your state bar status, education, and work history so our team can verify your account.

While our team verifies your account, start setting up your profile!

Create Your Profile

Create your profile, select your work preferences, and submit 3 professional references. Select the kinds of job alerts you’d like to receive so you never miss an opportunity.

Customized Recommendations

Say goodbye to irrelevant job suggestions! We’re built for legal, so we’ll send you opportunities based on your profile, practice area, and notification preferences.

Choose How You Want to Work

Connect directly with hiring law firms or legal departments for roles that fit your schedule and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for remote or on-site, part-time or full-time, in-house or law firm roles, you decide which opportunities are a fit.


Your Profile Opens Doors to Opportunity

Our priority is to make your job search seamless. Our application process verifies you and ensures you are matched with roles where you can be the most successful and sets you up for a great first impression with prospective employers.


We verify your bar status and disciplinary history. This helps us confirm your identity and ensure our clients have a great experience.


We collect 3 professional references from previous clients, employers, or colleagues. They will be sent a short email survey that only takes a few minutes to complete. This reduces the number of times you’ll need to ping your references. We let job posters know we’ve already checked your references.

Skill Matching

As you apply to roles, you'll be asked a few questions that help us assess your strengths and match you with roles where you can succeed!

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