Case Study: Labor & Employment Lawyer Seeking Collaboration Remotely

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The Candidate

  • Solo Practitioner who owned her own firm for 28 years
  • Expertise: Plaintiff-side Litigation, Labor and Employment Litigation (both sides), Family Law
  • Barred in New Jersey
  • The Situation

    The applicant moved across the country after operating her own firm for 28 years. She did not want to start her own practice again nor did she want to get licensed in another state. Her hope was to find another attorney to work with who could benefit from her extensive experience and collaborative nature. Unfortunately, those factors were making it hard to find opportunities, particularly in the labor and employment space.

    Enter MLA’s Hire an Esquire

    The applicant had been conversing with a Hire an Esquire recruiter for many months when he suggested that she create a profile on the Hire an Esquire platform. Our recruiter’s responsiveness as well as his honest, direct approach allowed the applicant to feel understood and as if his goals aligned with hers.

    She found the platform extremely easy to use, thinking of the job board as more of a collaboration board where she could connect with different clients quickly and purposefully.

    Hire an Esquire allowed the applicant to utilize her collaborative nature to take hold of her own search. She appreciated that her application was viewed by one client at a time as an individual profile rather than part of a large slate of names. She was able to thoroughly articulate her abilities through the application questions rather than a few bullet points. She was also able to review and update her application on a moment’s notice and interact with the clients directly through the platform at all times.

    The Results

    Hire an Esquire has been able to match the applicant two times thus far. The first position was for a small software company with limited internal legal support that needed help with a deposition and advice on a civil litigation case. The second position was for a two-attorney firm that needed assistance with plaintiff-side employment litigation cases in New Jersey.

    The ability to leverage MLA’s Hire an Esquire platform offered this attorney the ability to explore and engage with substantive opportunities that leveraged her expertise but on her terms.

    According to the applicant, “The remote nature has worked best for me. I am not barred in the state that I live in, so it is nice to represent clients that need my expertise within that specific state.”

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