Case Study: NYC-Based Small Firm Hires Expert Flex Attorneys

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The Client

  • NYC-Based Commercial Transactions Firm - The Balance Law Firm
  • Practice: Firm with global footprint specializing in Commercial Transactions, Securities & Commodities, International Trade, Intellectual Property and more
  • 2 Attorney Firm
  • First subscribed with HAE February 2024
  • Before Hire an Esquire

    Prior to finding Hire an Esquire the client relied on personal referrals and word of mouth to connect with contract attorneys. It tended to be time-consuming and inefficient.

    “... if I had known the existence of your platform earlier, I would have hired you much earlier.”

    — Founding Partner, The Balance Law Firm

    The Need

    Balance Law Firm started as a solo firm offering commercial legal expertise to businesses. The founding attorney was able to keep overhead low by doing all his own back-office functions. However, as his practice grew significantly, it was no longer financially prudent or plausible for him to do it all himself. There wasn’t enough work to hire an associate, so he started searching for qualified contract attorneys to help him grow his practice.

    The Solution

    The founder engaged MLA’s Hire an Esquire platform to help him quickly and seamlessly hire an attorney with experience researching and drafting legal briefs on medical devices in the context of FDA-regulation for a specific matter. This was a skill her personal network couldn’t provide, but was critical to his client’s success.

    “One thing that is most impressive [about HAE] is it automatically generates questions that I want to ask them [candidates]. Sometimes I don’t know what questions to ask and it [HAE] comes up with very good ones.”

    — Founding Partner, The Balance Law Firm

    With Hire an Esquire

    Now that he can quickly and precisely connect with the right contract attorneys via Hire an Esquire, the founding attorney is able to easily find and hire the exact practice area expertise he needs on his own timetable. This allows him to continue growing his billables and practice without taking on the overhead of hiring an associate before he’s ready.

    Success 1

    Posted a job on February 13 for an attorney with FDA-regulation experience. Hired a qualified attorney by February 22.

    Success 2

    Posted a job on February 23 for an attorney with experience in Product Liability and Consumer Protections. Hired a qualified attorney by February 26.