13 Things You Didn't Know About Donuts and The Law!

June 19, 2015 Hire an Esquire Insights

As good as they are at filling that sweet-pastry craving in your stomach, here are facts, news, and fun links about donuts in the legal world that will fill your brain’s craving for useless stuff!

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Donuts and The Law:

1. Back in 1959, the Dawn Donut rule in Trademark law stemmed out of a case between a donut baker and donut retailer disputing the geographic territory of their marks. Basically, one donut baker sued a donut retailer for trademark infringement for using the same name, "Dawn Donuts," to sell donuts in a completely different geographic region. Today, the Dawn Donut rule stands for the idea that if parties compete in different geographic markets, with no likelihood of entering into each other's, no public confusion is possible and one cannot enjoin the other from using the mark.

So many donuts, so little time!

2. Donut-related litigation can be found all around the U.S., but Birmingham AL is apparently a hotbed of litigious donut activity.  Four donut shops involved in two federal court suits? Read on for more!

3. Have you heard of the Dunkin’ Donuts Hot Apple Cider case?  Brings back tragic memories of that poor lady trying to start her day with a cup of McDonald’s Scalding Hot Coffee.

HaE COO Jules Miller hits up her fave, Randy’s Donuts, in Los Angeles

4. Then there’s that 2 Billion dollar doughnut lawsuit up in Canada How did a donut suit get up to 2 billion (tres commas!)? Check out the details of the franchisee’s class action.

5. Donut are often a force for good, but can sometimes be used as a force for evil. Here's how one Oregon town was terrorized by maple bar donuts, powdered sugar treats, and ... potato salad?

6. Be careful in Lehigh, Nebraska, because it is illegal to sell donut holes.

Donuts - not just for breakfast anymore!

7. Don’t you dare walk backwards and eat a donut in Marion, OH because, yes, it is illegal.

8. If you’re driving through South Bernwick, Maine, and think you hit Dunkin Donuts parking jackpot, well think again, because it is illegal to park in the front.

9. There are two guarantees in life, Death and Donut Taxes. Check out these weird donut taxation laws in various states.

HaE Managing Director Mike Smith votes Doughnut Plant for the win in NYC

10. Here’s one donut hole that might make you lose your appetite: Medicare’s Donut Hole is the nickname for their prescription drug coverage gap.

11. And if you need help making that diet-breaking decision on whether you Should Eat This Donut, this amateur attorney life coach has come to the rescue with a flow chart.

12. One lawyer has taken donuts to the next level and ditched her legal career to hawk donuts.

Hire an Esquire CEO Julia Shapiro and Sales & Recruiting Manager Wallace Young opt for Mariposa Baking Company’s Gluten-free Donuts in SF

13. Law and order takes a newer, sweeter turn in Utah! Law enforcement officers put their tastes to the test when they judged donuts from local bakeries.

What’s YOUR favorite donut joint?