Hire an Esquire Moves Forward with World’s Largest Firm

November 16, 2016 Newspaper

We are thrilled to share with you that Nextlaw Labs has invested in Hire an Esquire. NextLaw Labs is the business accelerator of Dentons, the largest law firm in the world.

We are excited to work with an industry giant who shares our approach and mission: to forge a path for our profession to survive and thrive as powerful market forces transform our industry. Instead of being a victim of changes sweeping the legal industry, Dentons, via its business accelerator Nextlaw Labs, is poised to expand its 1% market share by investing in the future and profits of legal technology.

Likewise, Hire an Esquire was created to support adaptable and resilient attorneys who owned and acknowledged the challenges of a rapidly changing world—and looked for the opportunities within these challenges.

With this investment, we look to create an even more powerful framework for the future of work within the legal industry. One that supports our clients in building agile business practices to own the challenges of a new economy and our attorneys in building a diverse career portfolio where they have more autonomy and control of their personal and professional goals.

We will work diligently to leverage this additional capital and industry credibility to help both sides of our network survive and thrive within the challenges and opportunities of the new economy.

A sincere thank you to our early adopters who saw the potential to make lemonade where others saw lemons. You have been crucial to helping us to shape the future of work and achieving this milestone!

Read more about the partnership in the press release.

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